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Shiba Inu one-point embroidery apron Atelier Apronne Nagoya collaboration product

Shiba Inu one-point embroidery apron Atelier Apronne Nagoya collaboration product

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navy 売り切れ
khaki 売り切れ

It has been discontinued.
*This product will not be resold as it is a collaboration limited item!

We were approached by Atelier Apronne Nagoya, an apron specialty store, and the collaboration was realized!

We have developed items to make meal time more enjoyable for families with dogs.

Features of collaboration apron

Point01: Collaboration design

This is a collaboration design with SASSA embroidery on the apron of Atelier Apronne Nagoya. It features a simple design, and the subtle dog embroidery makes it irresistible for dog lovers.

Point02: It's lightweight so you won't get tired even if you wear it for a long time.

It's lightweight so you won't get tired even if you wear it for a long time.

Made of lightweight material, you won't get tired even when wearing it for long periods of time.

Point03: Different materials are used on the front and back sides.

Different materials are used on the front and back
The outer material is made of a material that absorbs water quickly when wet and dries quickly, making it easy to remove pet hair.

The lining is made of highly waterproof material, so you can use it for purposes other than cooking, such as shampooing your dog.

*The fabric has the effect of suppressing static electricity, but this decreases with repeated washing, so you may gradually find it difficult to remove the hair.
In that case, we recommend that you go to a cleaning shop and have it treated to restore the static electricity suppressing effect. (We apologize for the inconvenience, but as the methods differ depending on the store, we cannot guarantee that the hair will fall off easily.)

*Due to aging, the ability to easily remove pet hair may weaken. Please note.
*Not completely waterproof If it is in close contact for a long time or pressure is applied, it may penetrate. Please note.

Point04: Available in khaki and navy

Khaki and navy available
Available in two colors: khaki and navy.
You can choose according to your preference.

*The quantity for each color is determined, so it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Point05: There is a pocket on the side

There are pockets on both sides, so you can store your smartphone and other small items.
If you often read recipes on your smartphone, have you ever left your smartphone in an empty space in your kitchen?

Grease stains from cooking can also be blown onto your smartphone, so having a pocket where you can easily put it away is a good idea.

Point06: You can change the neck strap or shoulder strap to suit your preference.

You can change the position of the string

You can change the way you tie it with either a halter neck strap or a back cross type shoulder strap, so you can use it according to your preference.

The length is also adjustable, so it can be adjusted to a certain extent to suit the usage scene and user.

Recommended for times like these!

When cooking for dog lovers!

I think it would be hard to find an apron with a one-point design for dogs.

Also, if you don't usually wear an apron, why not try this one on?
Wearing dog items will make your everyday life a little more fun.

When giving your dog a bath!

Bathing your dog is quite difficult, isn't it? It's easier if the dog is calm, but not everyone is like that.

There are children who hate baths, and children who love baths and have fun. Such as quiet children who don't make the slightest movement...

Pet dogs have different personalities.
However, one thing that all children have in common is bubbly! lol

When a dog's body gets wet, I think it flops around and sprays water.
Therefore, it is inevitable that the owner will get wet when giving a bath...

So, by wearing this apron, I think you can avoid getting your clothes wet!

You can also use it like that.

How about other scenes like this?

    ・When cleaning the garden
    ・When caring for your dog
    ・During cooking class

    About apron size

    The size is free size, so please follow the measurements above.
    If the size does not fit you, please contact us on Instagram or official LINE. With the cooperation of Atelier Apronne Nagoya, we can also discuss semi-custom sizes. (Conditions apply)

    You can only purchase it now!

    Limited to 3 days from 7/15 (Sat) 10:00 to 7/17 (Mon) 19:00.
    We will be pre-selling limited to 10 pieces!

    Please note that this is a limited-time collaboration project, so it will be sold in limited quantities and for a limited time.
    It may not be available in the future, so if you are interested, please check it out now.

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