SASSA | Trial purchase is now available.

What is “Purchase after trying on”?

This is a service that allows you to try on products from EC sites at home before considering purchasing.

"I'm not sure if the size will fit unless I see the actual product..."
"I'm not sure if it will suit my skin..."
"It's hard to understand the texture and color from images..."

In response to requests such as this, we have introduced a service that allows you to purchase after trying it on!

Illustration of a woman trying on clothes

Flow from order to purchase

Order a product using the "[Purchase after trying on]" button

try on at home

Try-on period: 7 days from delivery

If you purchase it, you can keep it on hand.

Payment will be made automatically at the end of the trial period.

For returns, please use the return form.

Please apply for a return from the URL below within the try-on period Click here for the return form

Return policy

At SASSA, we accept size exchanges and returns on a ``shipping payment'' basis if the following return conditions are met.
*Please note that you will be responsible for the shipping costs when returning the product.

1. Must be worn only in the room and for a short period of time.

We ask that you only try on items in your room at home, and items worn while going out are not eligible for returns. Trying on items for a long time may be considered used and may not be returned.

2The item must be returned in the same condition as when it was delivered.

Returns will not be accepted if the tag attached at the time of delivery is removed, or if the plastic bag or box the item was in is lost.

3.Try on clothes without touching your skin directly.

Please try wearing underwear or socks or applying it from above. Please be careful of perfume smells and makeup transfer.

Target products that can be purchased on a trial basis

If you would like to see the actual product before considering purchasing, please feel free to contact us.